Where is the opportunity for the transformation of outdoor LED advertising players brought by the surging 5G wave?

In recent years, the digital signage market is showing a thriving scene, and terminal display devices such as small-pitch LED screens, LED light pole screens, and outdoor LED advertising machines have shown an explosive trend. With the advent of the 5G era, the digital signage market has ushered in a powerful assist, a new vision from a smart concept to a reality, and will follow the 5G trend to fly higher.

Take the relatively hot development of outdoor LED advertising machines in the current market, network restrictions are a very important factor. Some industry insiders say that network delays, failures and other issues have affected the user experience, but the advent of 5G means more The fast network speed and stable network connection are undoubtedly a great boost to the LED advertising machine outside users, and it also ushered in a new opportunity for the development of the industry.

Where is the opportunity for the transformation of outdoor LED advertising players brought by the surging 5G wave?

It can be said that 5G will not only increase the speed of the network, but also help to unify the industry standards of outdoor LED advertising machines, break the boundaries of information display applications, and enable data interaction and service interaction. From a single smart display device to a large-scale smart interconnection, 5G provides basic conditions for the interconnection of everything.

5G commercial launches the sprint mode, from technology landing to commercial landing, not only has opened up a new path for digital signage, but also greatly improved the application of terminal display equipment, making its development prospects broader. There is no doubt that for outdoor LED advertising machines, 5G as a basic communication measure will accelerate its explosive growth.

Facing the surging wave of 5G, many screen companies have begun to seize the opportunity of this change and try to gain a place in the digital signage landscape. Among them, Tailong Zhixian is actively deploying the outdoor LED advertising machine segment market, and has landing projects in the 5G field, smart city field, smart light pole field, etc., which fully demonstrates the digitization and informatization in the process of building smart scenes. , Intelligent.

Obviously, the emergence of 5G emerging technologies is pulling the heartstrings of the development of digital signage, and the broad prospects of outdoor LED advertising machines are also calling for more companies to enter the ranks of the Internet of Everything. At the same time, enterprises seizing the opportunity to in-depth layout will undoubtedly accelerate the development of the industry.

Post time: Sep-01-2021