Types and characteristics of advertising machines

As an indispensable propaganda medium on the market, advertising machine is the mainstream choice of merchants. It generally covers floors, shopping malls, milk tea shops, stations, office places and other advertisements, and promotes through videos, pictures, text, small plug-ins and multimedia materials. .

1. Introduction to the types of advertising machines

According to the display mode, it is divided into: vertical advertising machine, horizontal advertising machine, split-screen advertising machine, composite-mirror advertising, etc.

According to the scope of application, it is mainly divided into: indoor advertising machine, outdoor advertising machine, building advertising machine, vehicle advertising machine and so on.

According to the function, it is mainly divided into: stand-alone advertising machine, online advertising machine (4G/WIFI), touch advertising machine, Bluetooth advertising machine, digital poster machine, etc.

Types and characteristics of advertising machines

2. The role and characteristics of advertising machine

1) Diversified information display The design of advertising machine can spread a variety of media information; such as text, audio, image and other information, it can make ignorant and abstract advertisements more vivid and more humane.

2) Wide range of applications The advertising player has a wide range of applications, and can be used in large supermarkets, clubs, squares, hotels, government agencies and homes. Its advertising content is highly effective, quick to update, and the content can be changed at any time.

3) Beyond the limits of time and space. The ultimate goal of advertising players is to occupy the market share of advertising. Their advertising players can surpass time constraints and space restrictions to carry out advertising dissemination, so that advertisements can be disseminated from time and space restrictions for advertising.

4) Economic and environmental protection. Advertising through advertising machines can replace leaflets, newspapers, and TV advertisements. On the one hand, it can reduce printing, mailing, and expensive TV advertising costs. On the other hand, CF cards and SD cards can be rewritten multiple times to reduce multiple exchanges. Loss.

Post time: Nov-17-2021