Problems encountered in the application of LCD touch all-in-one in the market

At present, the application of touch all-in-one in the market is very hot. As an intelligent electronic processing device, it has the characteristics of stylish appearance, simple operation, powerful functions, and easy installation. With customized application software and external devices, it can achieve many functions. People are widely used in teaching, conferences, inquiries, advertising, display and other fields.

The all-in-one advertising machine is a device mainly used in advertising. Compared with traditional advertising methods, it can display more colorful content to consumers, and can transmit information more intuitively and actively, so it can play a good advertising role. Effect.

Problems encountered in the application of LCD touch all-in-one in the market

Several issues that should be paid attention to during the application of the touch screen advertising machine:

The content does not have enough depth

The content does not have enough depth to provide useful information to the audience. In the face of overwhelming advertisements, people are very accustomed to ignoring useless information. Therefore, if you want to create an interactive experience, the best way is to make your information valuable For example, to make a shoe advertisement, don’t simply put a picture of people wearing shoes, but take some time to understand what aspects of the shoes the audience really wants to know, such as how they make them, and what’s special Where, and what sizes are available, etc.

The user interface is too complicated or easily confused

When the user walks into the screen, he needs to know exactly how to operate. If the operation is too complicated or easy to be confused, it is likely to be abandoned by the user. Just because you think the user interface is good enough does not mean that the user thinks the same. Therefore, from the planning To the actual implementation, you might as well do some user testing.

The content is unattractive and does not arouse demand

You have assumed that users know why your product, service, or information is relevant to them, and users only buy what they think they really need. So what you have to do is to help users make such a choice. The decision-making process is roughly as follows: a person realizes the problem or need, and then realizes that certain products or services can solve the problem or need. What you have to do is make them feel that you Your product or service is more suitable for them than for competitors. Your content must be able to attract the audience and arouse the desire for demand.

Orientation is too strong, it is easy to arouse the audience’s disgust

The “Click here to start” button leads to a TV shopping program or advertisement. Doing so in public will cause disgust from the audience. Shenzhen makes them want to quickly find the stop button, even if it is useful information, and use too intrusive information delivery methods. There will be no good results either.

The screen is too small or too dark

This may be due to cost considerations, but you should know that many touch all-in-one advertising players are ruthlessly ignored because of poor hardware. Large, dark, or even broken screens will only damage your brand. This kind of investment will only deduct points for yourself, so you might as well make a good budget at the beginning of the investment.

Post time: Sep-15-2021