What is the role of LCD advertising player in hotels and restaurants?

With the development of time, social development is increasingly inseparable from the use of LCD advertising machines. LCD advertising machines play a vital role in the brand image promotion and product promotion of businesses and companies. Then how to use LCD advertising machines?

1. Place an interactive carrier at the entrance of the hotel, which can watch and play and uninterruptedly broadcast the service content and menu content of the hotel, so that customers want to experience and eat at a glance, and also through the LCD advertising machine With the touch interaction function, customers can independently select the services they want, further improving the efficiency and transaction volume of the hotel.

2. Put the LCD advertising machine in the restaurant department of the hotel. Customers can independently select the food information they like to eat, choose the order and speed of reading the information by themselves; they can also perform information query, set non-cash transactions, and print coupons. Wait. This greatly enhances the customer’s dining experience, enhances the customer’s dining pleasure, and further improves the success rate and transaction volume of food transactions.

What is the role of LCD advertising player in hotels and restaurants?

3. Use the smart shoe-shining advertising machine in the lobby, so that guests can watch the service items of the hotel when they are shining shoes, and finally select the services they need, so that customers can enjoy the services and make the guests shine and brighten their faces. .

4. Use the LCD advertising machine in the catering lobby to allow customers to watch the kitchen operation while they are waiting to order the meal, so that the guests can eat at ease and buy comfortably. The above is about how to use the LCD advertising machine in hotel catering to attract customers. Let’s share the explanation here. In the information age, the continuous improvement of the industry chain, which is known as the “fifth media”, is gradually entering the mainstream media ranks.

The LCD advertising player has a huge market space in the future, and it will become a vital element in the future urban construction and contribute more energy to the technological development of the city. It can be applied in more places and bring publicity and dissemination for more products and services. It will create advertising value for more companies and individuals, and bring more exciting advertisements to the public. LCD advertising machines will set off a new wave of advertising, bringing great help to companies and individuals

Post time: Oct-18-2021