What is the difference between indoor advertising player and outdoor advertising player?

What’s the difference?

With its powerful functions, stylish appearance and simple operation, many users pay attention to its value and are widely used in all walks of life. Many customers do not know the difference between outdoor advertising and indoor advertising, and will buy blindly. Today you will briefly introduce the differences between them so that everyone can understand their purpose.


1. Different places of use

Just literally, outdoor advertising machines are used in outdoor, complex and changeable environments, such as shopping malls, communities, parks, and scenic spots. They are all outdoors, the weather and climate are changeable, with sunshine and rain in summer, and wind and rain in winter. Indoor advertising machines are mainly used indoors, such as elevators in buildings, supermarkets, chain stores, movie theaters, subways, stations, banks, hospitals and other places.

What is the difference between indoor advertising player and outdoor advertising player?

2. Different functional requirements

The environment of the indoor advertising player is relatively stable, so there are basically no special requirements, and it only needs to meet the normal functions of the advertising player.

The environment faced by outdoor advertising machines is changeable and needs to meet more functions and higher requirements

(1) Put it outdoors first, and it must have functions such as waterproof, explosion-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft, lightning protection, and anti-corrosion;

(2) The brightness of the LCD screen should be high, generally 1600, so that the brightness of the LCD screen will not be very dark under direct sunlight and high-intensity light, and it can be seen clearly even in cloudy and gray weather;

(3) It must have good heat dissipation function and constant temperature function, and be able to operate normally in high temperature summer or cold winter;

(4) The outdoor LCD advertising machine has a large working power, so a stable power supply is required in terms of voltage.


3. The cost and price of the two are different

Indoor LCD advertising machine has lower functional and technical requirements, so its cost is much lower than outdoor. Therefore, the price of indoor and outdoor advertising players of the same size, version, and configuration is different, and the outdoor price will be higher than that of the indoor.

When choosing an outdoor advertising machine, the decision is mainly based on the environment of the place where it is used and the function to be realized, and the most important thing is applicability.

Post time: Nov-24-2021