The misunderstanding of the clean appearance of the touch one machine

Many friends know that if the surface of the touch screen is not cleaned well, it will affect its experience and affect its service life. At this time, we usually clean and wipe its surface, but many people don’t know. Several wrong wiping methods can cause damage to the equipment.

1. Wipe it with a paper towel. If you are not careful, it will scratch the surface of the touch screen.

2. Spray with water to wipe, it is very easy to short-circuit the external display again, and water stains will remain on the display, which is difficult to wipe clean, which will affect the display effect of the touch screen.

3. Use alcohol and other chemicals to wipe and clean, resulting in a special coating on the surface of the touch all-in-one machine, which affects the display effect.

How should it be wiped? It is recommended to use a soft cloth or high-end glasses without wiping gently to remove external dust. For fingerprints and oil stains on the touch all-in-one machine, there should be a special cleaning agent. It is worth noting that you need to go from the middle of the screen to the outside. Wipe until the cleaning agent on the screen is wiped clean. Do not let water flow into the interface between the all-in-one screen and the screen frame during the wiping process to avoid short circuit and burn the display, and do not use a hard towel to wipe the touch One machine.

The misunderstanding of the clean appearance of the touch one machine

Post time: Sep-24-2021