The benefits of digital signage


The traditional media is relatively fixed, consumers complain about the uniformity of advertising, but no one can escape, they are passively accepting, which depends on whose advertising is creative, whose advertising effect is good. On the one hand, we constantly sublimate the content of advertising, on the other hand, we are struggling to find a new communication carrier, and the emergence of advertising machine just solves this problem. Its broad audience is the most comprehensive of the vast number of consumers, so it is easier to get the attention of the vast number of consumers, so that advertising communication is more in place, more influential.

digital signage case11
1. High advertising arrival rate can quickly and effectively launch an advertising campaign. Due to the special and extensive ways of advertising communication, it can deliver advertising information to tens of thousands of people.
2. Compared with newspapers, radio and other media, the cost per thousand people (CMP) of video advertising is relatively low, which is only one tenth of the cost per thousand people of newspapers, radio and other media.
3. Compared with the cable TV media, the advertising capacity is large, the content renovation is fast, and the information continuity is good. The population flow is large, the media audience rate is high, and the passenger attention is high.
4. Compared with outdoor advertising, it has stronger readability, visibility and the integrity of information dissemination.
5. Compared with print advertising, TV advertising has more advantages, especially suitable for brand image promotion.

Post time: Apr-30-2021