LCD splicing screen is so easy to use, how to choose splicing screen?

Now that the market is more and more competitive, many businesses attract customers to play in stores with many display devices such as music videos. In reality, the general equipment is more than 65 inches, and the price is very expensive. Therefore, if you choose a large-screen display, usually use LCD or LED LCD splicing screen. Because LED particles are stronger than LCD, the customer’s indoor experience and indoor clothing have a great influence, so we use LCD splicing screen is better, and the visual effect is worse than LED.

The LED LCD splicing screen is a new large-screen patch system, which is composed of a single LCD screen splicing, which will become small according to the needs, the transportation and movement process is simple, the installation is convenient, the wireless splicing, the screen display effect is still bright, and it is widely used in life use.

LCD splicing screen is so easy to use, how to choose splicing screen?

The splicing screen is a complete finished product, which is ready to use, and the installation is as simple as building blocks. The splicing and installation of single or multiple LCD screens is very simple. The edge around the screen is only 9 mm wide, and the surface of the screen also has a protective layer of toughened glass, a built-in intelligent temperature control alarm circuit suitable for the screen, and a unique “quick dispersion” cooling system. Not only is it suitable for digital signal input, but the support for analog signals is also unique.

In addition, there are many label signal interfaces that can access analog and digital signals at the same time. The latest technology can realize three-dimensional intelligence. The splash screen series uses the world’s most advanced unique digital processing technology, allowing you to truly experience the full HD large screen.

The screen is a complete liquid crystal display unit, which can be used as a separate display, and the liquid crystal display can be connected to a large screen. According to the requirements of use, the function of realizing the variable large screen can be changed.

Compared with other display modes, what are the advantages of LCD splicing screens?

1. Effect impact, large and small enterprises can increase infinitely.

2. Contrast, high brightness. High brightness can clearly see the screen.

3. Clear picture quality, each with 1920*1080 resolution. The resolution of each piece has been doubled.

Do you know how to choose LCD splicing screen?

1. First, we need to look at the gap size of the puzzle screen, choose a small slit LCD screen, and see if the overall structure is firm and the appearance is beautiful.

2. Choose a high-quality LCD panel, mainly observe the brightness and color balance of the LCD display.

3. Judging from the LCD panel data, the LCD patch screen can be used for a long time, so choose a panel with high performance.

4. If you choose an LCD screen with a good brand reputation, you can conduct the following market research, including after-sales and maintenance services.

Post time: Oct-16-2021