How to make your digital signage attract attention?

Some car restaurants will use digital signage to order orders. But even if the restaurant does not have a driveway, outdoor LCD and LED displays may be used for brand promotion, display menus, and attract passing pedestrians.

digital signage case13

Indoor queuing

While the customer is waiting, the digital display can display information about promotional activities or catering services. Meals are very important for many brands, especially working lunches and group bookings. It is also very important to make good use of the waiting time of customers. Some brands also use self-service kiosks to order meals, allowing customers to make payments without waiting for the cashier.


Menu board

Many restaurants with counter service have gradually begun to transition to the use of digital menu boards, and some also display the order status through the display screen for the purpose of picking up meals and booking in advance.

digital signage case4

Dining area

Restaurants can broadcast branded videos or entertainment programs, or display high-margin products such as special drinks and desserts during customers’ meals for visual upsells.

All of the above cases can effectively increase customer stay time (while reducing customer waiting time) and increase restaurant revenue at the same time.

Post time: Apr-27-2021