Building elevator advertising machine to promote community and corporate marketing

Community building elevator advertising machine is also another evolution of off-building advertising. Community building advertising machine information media is an information platform placed in each unit of each residential community. The print advertising information of community buildings is the latest and the coverage rate Relatively wide advertising information media.

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Moreover, the information released is accurate, punctual, beautifully produced, and routine maintenance is in place. Next are some features of the community building advertising machine

Make a detailed introduction:

1. Today’s advertising situation: more and more newspaper advertising covers, many TV channels, new media appearing one after another, advertising costs are also ridiculously high, advertising effects are getting worse and worse! Traditional advertising is very costly to operate Large, and cannot effectively convey the information to the target audience.

2. What is the reason for the high advertising consumption? With the increasingly intense competition in the advertising market, great changes have taken place in marketing strategies today. Companies in order to increase market share, product differentiation, and market segmentation, if Without subdividing consumer groups, advertising will be completely ineffective. Consumers’ life trajectories have changed in contact with the media. Traditional media can hardly reach target customers. What we need is accurate advertising.

3. How to ensure that the advertising information is exactly seen by your target customers? According to the consumer’s life trajectory, the consumer group is locked in certain business buildings and high-end residential white-collar workers, this group has considerable consumption power, and at the same time It is also the backbone of society, and the younger age has a strong desire to consume. In this way, putting some higher-grade products in these high-end communities will solve the shortcomings of traditional advertising. This is just an example, which does not represent all the requirements and characteristics of advertising. Modern people spend less and less time watching TV, especially after the 1980s have grown into the mainstream consumer group in cities. In other words, the main life trajectory of the target communication object has changed. However, apartment buildings and office buildings are like the two ends of this trajectory. The building elevator advertisement will become the last outdoor advertisement a person sees every day and the first outdoor advertisement he sees when he goes out the next day. The end of the spread miraculously coincided with the beginning, and was firmly occupied.

Post time: Dec-24-2020