What is the impact of high temperature operation of LED display

Today, when the LED display screen is more and more widely used, we need to understand the basic common sense of maintenance. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor LED display, heat is generated during operation. So, does the high temperature operation of the LED display have any effect?

Generally speaking, indoor LED display has low brightness, so there is less heat, so it naturally releases heat. However, the outdoor LED display has high brightness and generates a lot of heat, which needs to be cooled by air conditioners or axial fans. Since it is an electronic product, the temperature rise will affect its service life.

What is the impact of high temperature operation of LED display

1. If the working temperature of the LED display exceeds the load-bearing temperature of the chip, the luminous efficiency of the LED display will be reduced, there will be obvious light decline, and damage may occur. Excessive temperature will affect the attenuation of the light of the LED screen, and there will be light attenuation. That is, as time goes by, the brightness gradually decreases until it turns off. High temperature is the main cause of light decay and shortened display life.

2.Rising temperature will reduce the luminous efficiency of the LED screen. As the temperature increases, the concentration of electrons and holes increases, the band gap decreases, and the electron mobility decreases. When the temperature rises, the blue peak of the chip shifts to the long-wave direction, causing the emission wavelength of the chip and the excitation wavelength of the phosphor to be inconsistent, and the light extraction efficiency outside the white LED display screen decreases. As the temperature rises, the quantum efficiency of the phosphor decreases, the luminosity decreases, and the extraction efficiency of the external lighting of the LED screen decreases.

Post time: Dec-29-2021