Significance of installing outdoor LCD advertising machines on campus

Smart campus, as an important part of smart city construction, its development has always been valued by people. The Smart Campus is based on the Internet of Things and relies on a networked and intelligent system to provide an intelligent and integrated environment for campus work, study and life. It can fully integrate teaching, scientific research, management and campus life, so as to promote the development of the campus in the direction of more convenient life, more diverse teaching, and more detailed management.


Outdoor LCD advertising machine, as an indispensable intelligent hardware device in the construction of smart cities, not only has achieved significant results in the commercial field, but also played an important role in the construction of smart campuses, and is responsible for the important task of displaying information on the smart campus. It is very important in the construction of the entire smart campus.

1. Conducive to daily teaching, information dissemination and management on campus

First of all, the installation of outdoor LCD advertising machine provides great convenience for teaching and can realize video teaching of outdoor courses. Such as physical education, natural geography and other courses that have outdoor teaching needs, you can rely on outdoor LCD advertising machines to play relevant teaching materials, music and videos outdoors, providing teachers with new teaching methods and providing students with more A more convenient learning experience.

In terms of information dissemination, outdoor LCD advertising machines can broadcast graphic information and video materials that are beneficial to the physical and mental health of students. Broadcasting content such as famous teacher courses, news updates, extracurricular knowledge, etc. helps expand students’ knowledge and cultivate correct values. Not only that, the interactive query function of the advertising machine itself can also help students inquire about a series of information such as examination venues, examination results, classrooms, and problem solving, so as to meet the needs of inquiries anytime and anywhere. At the same time, the advertising machine can also rotate the political and educational information that the school praises or criticizes the students to improve the efficiency of transmission and facilitate campus management.

2. Reduce paper use and create an energy-saving campus

In the “Notice of the Ministry of Education on the Construction of Energy-saving Schools,” it has clearly stipulated: “Schools must strictly implement the national energy conservation and environmental protection standards, actively adopt new technologies, new processes, and new equipment to save every drop of water, every kilowatt of electricity, One grain, each piece of paper saves resources and protects the environment.” Outdoor LCD advertising machines are smart hardware devices that can meet this notification. In the past, large amounts of paper were used on campuses, regardless of whether it was large or small notices, performance announcements or event forecasts, which was not conducive to the creation of energy-saving campuses. After installing the outdoor LCD advertising machine, the LCD screen display can be realized, which completely eliminates the use of paper, and also reduces the trouble of printing or drawing, pasting, and replacement, which saves costs and protects the environment. Not only that, the outdoor LCD advertising machine can also play the role of lighting at night, and its own intelligent adjustment device can also effectively save energy, reduce the use of electricity, and help build an energy-saving campus.

In the future, more outdoor LCD advertising players will be put on campus to help the construction of smart campus, promote the development of energy-saving campus, and provide more convenient services for teachers and students, thereby improving the overall quality of the campus. And we also firmly believe that the outdoor LCD advertising player will shine in the campus, provide more help for masters and students, and be loved by them.

Post time: Jan-08-2021