Precautions for outdoor advertising machine

Nowadays, the application field of outdoor advertising machine is continuously expanding, and it is deeply loved by the public in the fields of commercial media, transportation, municipal construction, and media. There are more and more applications. At this time, everyone should pay more attention to the use of outdoor advertising machines.

Note for outdoor advertising machine:

1. According to the type of machine, such as wall-mounted or vertical, the construction should be carried out in accordance with the installation method.

2. Before use, read the product description carefully to determine whether the product voltage is consistent with the local voltage.

Precautions for outdoor advertising machine

3. The outdoor advertising machine usually has a protection level of IP55, which fully meets the conditions of outdoor environment use, such as waterproof, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, dust resistance, high-brightness display and so on.

4. Due to the high temperature in summer, remember not to touch the device casing and LCD screen with your hands to avoid burning your hands.

5. Do not install the equipment near open flames.

6. Do not cover the outside of the device with objects to avoid heat dissipation problems and affect the operation of the device.

7. When cleaning the equipment, do not use liquid cleaners or spray cleaners to wipe the surface of the shell directly, but use a damp cloth to wipe.

8. When cleaning or maintaining the inside of the equipment, it needs to be carried out when the power is off.

Post time: Sep-29-2021