Introduction to the main application of LCD advertising machine

Today’s mobile network can be said to be very developed, and the LCD advertising machine industry is constantly updating, from the previous stand-alone version to the current online version, the operation is more convenient and faster, and the maintenance cost is lower. The utilization rate in all walks of life is also gradually increasing.

The main development directions of the current network LCD advertising machine are mainly financial industry, education area, medical industry, transportation industry, hotel and retail industry.

The financial industry applies the network LCD advertising machine, which can provide the fastest and latest financial consultation, company introduction and other related consultations, and the network LCD advertising machine is added to the banking service, which can realize a series of services such as customer queuing and business inquiries. The bank service process is faster, while saving customers’ time and improving service efficiency. In some other financial industries, remote control can also be realized, so that financial institutions in different regions can be connected, and mutual economic benefits can be improved.

Introduction to the main application of LCD advertising machine

In the education industry, the main effect of the application of network LCD advertising machine is to provide students with information about domestic and foreign news during the break time, increase students’ knowledge of the outside world, and to broadcast safety education information at any time on the playback page of the network LCD advertising machine. Hot education news, targeted reminders of students’ safety behaviors. You can also use the network LCD advertising machine to broadcast school news, which can reduce the publication of school newspapers, and broadcast the relevant school information in the network LCD advertising machine, which may be more attractive to students.

In the transportation industry, my country is constantly vigorously developing various transportation routes. For various transportation centers, such as railways, airports and other areas with relatively large traffic, the network LCD advertising machine can even broadcast passengers’ schedule information. Remind passengers of related events to avoid delays in the itinerary. In the playback interface, you can put local travel consultations to provide information on travel routes and weather conditions to outside passengers, and at the same time, it can comfort passengers who need to wait.

In the medical, hotel, and retail industries, the network LCD advertising machine will also have related information sources and service interfaces to serve the society, providing maximum feasible operations.

Post time: Jul-21-2021