How to reduce the radiation of the LCD advertising machine

In this information age, the LCD advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent products that use standard LCD displays and LCD TVs to realize information display and video advertising playback according to networking and multimedia system control methods. LCD advertising machines are just like the electronic devices used by everyone, which will produce corresponding radiation. Although the radiation of LCD advertising machines is very small, everyone needs to prevent it. So how to reduce the radiation of LCD advertising machines?

When watching an LCD advertising machine in a shopping mall, you are usually deeply attracted by the content on the screen, so you have stopped for this reason. However, when watching a video, everyone should stay away and don’t watch it too close. Moreover, when everyone uses the LCD advertising machine, because dust is the main carrier of radiation, it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the LCD advertising machine screen and body.

How to reduce the radiation of the LCD advertising machine

In addition, some green plants can be placed around the LCD advertising machine, such as cacti, hanging baskets, etc., which can absorb radiation very well, and can also purify the air.

In the end, special attention should be paid to not placing too many electrical appliances around the LCD advertising machine to avoid magnetic field interference and cause greater radiation.

However, the best way to prevent radiation is to use radiation protection technology when manufacturing. Our company can also design the corresponding LCD advertising player according to your needs, and can also add a part of radiation protection design according to your needs. Go in.

Post time: Sep-11-2021