How can elevator ads quickly attract users’ attention?

1. Identify the core user groups

Finding the right person is the starting point for all marketing actions. According to different elevator advertisements covering residential buildings, office buildings, commercial complexes, etc., the affected audiences are also different. Therefore, brands should clarify their core user groups before launching elevator advertisements.


2. Choose the form of advertisement

Different advertising presentation forms have different appeals to audiences and different effects of information transmission. Elevator video advertisements are played in a dynamic carousel, and the combination of sound and picture is more attractive. At the same time, it is more suitable for content expression such as creativity and stories. The brand intuitively enters consumer memory.

3. Oralization of advertising language

The advertising slogan is preferably a condensed slogan, which contains its own product characteristics and advantages. The slogan is colloquially, simple and straightforward, catchy, with outstanding product features, which can quickly occupy the minds of users and make the advertisements easier to remember and understand by users.

All in all, elevator advertising is an effective way for merchants to enter the consumer decision-making process. It can quickly and clearly convey advertising information and achieve the publicity effect that enterprises want, thus becoming a marketing channel that cannot be ignored for enterprises and merchants to conduct offline publicity.

Post time: Apr-14-2021