Advertising machine’s “five advantages” in the application of information dissemination

Elevator advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent equipment that uses display terminals to realize information display and video advertisement playback through networking and multimedia system control. It has the comprehensiveness of the existing advertising media audiences and plays an important role in disseminating advertising information. Role, communication value and media advantages are becoming increasingly prominent.


Advantage 1: pertinence

Elevator advertising media are all located in urban high-end office buildings, high-end residential communities, apartments, hotels, hotels, commercial venues and other buildings. The audience covered is mainly middle and high class white-collar workers, supplemented by social celebrities, middle and senior government officials, private business owners, etc., with high income, high quality, high education, and high spending power. The information dissemination of elevator advertising machines is highly targeted, and it is difficult for other media to capture this group in such a concentrated and accurate manner.

Advantage 2: Exclusiveness

With a wide audience coverage and a zero-distance target audience, the elevator advertising machine has a strong visual impact; 100% effective arrival rate, without any advertising interference, can effectively seize the terminal market, and truly achieve 100% effective use of invested funds. Any waste of advertising resources.

Advantage 3: Complementarity

Elevator advertising machine is an organic combination of dynamic audience groups and static advertising content. It makes up for the shortcomings of existing television and newspapers and other traditional media, and maximizes the full range of information published in points, lines, surfaces, pictures, and texts. Spread effect.

Advantage 4: High frequency

Elevator advertising machine audiences come into contact with elevators several times a day, and at the same time come into contact with the media advertisements, and their repeated reading frequency is very high. It can help customers fight battles, do product promotions, quickly increase brand awareness in the city, and increase sales exponentially.

Advantage five: crowd sex

Data market survey data shows that among the audience of building elevator advertising machines, 84.2% will naturally turn their eyes to the content played on the advertising machine when waiting for the elevator, and more than half of them will pay attention to the above every day. Content, so the building advertising machine still has a relatively large audience.

With the continuous construction of cities and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, elevator advertising machines will be popularized in the future, and the information conveyed to people will become more and more abundant. At that time, it will not only be a media that broadcasts advertisements, but also people. A platform from which various resources and information are obtained.

Post time: Dec-09-2020