Digital signage is widely used in medical institutions

With the market share and market demand of digital signage, the market in medical institutions is gradually increasing. The market has great prospects for digital signage applications in medical institutions. So, let’s look at the five main applications

digital signage case5
Digital signage
1. Promote medicines
The use of digital signage to broadcast pharmaceutical advertisements in the waiting room or rest area is an extremely effective means of dissemination under the premise of complying with industry standards. Remember to keep it up to date with the latest medical developments.
2. Entertainment
Most patients use mobile phones in the waiting room, which is likely to cause interference with sensitive medical equipment. In order to prevent patients from feeling too boring, some entertainment information can be provided for them, such as weather forecasts, game scores, breaking news and other public information. The content must be well-designed and ensure that the information can help the patient pass the time.
3. Emergency alert
When the emergency alarm triggers the system, the alarm integration will take over the display and display relevant information, such as evacuation procedures or the location of the fire extinguisher. When the emergency is over, the sign will automatically play the original content.
4. Cafe menu
Digital signage can also provide menu services for cafes in healthcare institutions. The POS system is integrated with the display screen to display real-time and accurate prices. The digital menu of the cafe restaurant can also send tips on healthy eating and nutrition information.

Post time: Apr-20-2021