Common faults of vertical wall-mounted LCD advertising machine touch all-in-one machine

Common faults of vertical wall-mounted LCD advertising machine touch all-in-one machine

The touch all-in-one has been integrated into people’s daily life. Moreover, with the widespread use of touch query all-in-ones, it has indirectly triggered the update of touch technology. At present, the common vertical wall-mounted LCD advertising machines on the market are divided into infrared touch all-in-one machines, capacitive touch all-in-one machines, and nano touch all-in-one machines according to the touch principle. Among these products, the vertical wall-mounted LCD advertising machine using capacitive touch and infrared touch technology occupies a large market share. Among them, the small size prefers capacitive touch screens, and the large size prefers infrared touch screens. But no matter what the touch principle of the touch all-in-one machine is, it is inevitable that some malfunctions will occur during use. Shenzhen Shenyuantong made a brief introduction to the common faults of the touch all-in-one machine as follows.

Common faults of vertical wall-mounted LCD advertising machine touch all-in-one machine

1. Black screen phenomenon:

In short, the black screen phenomenon is not only an opportunity for touch screens, but other large display devices (such as LCD screen patches, LCD TVs, computers, advertising players, etc.) will also have the same problem. However, different display devices also have different reasons for the black screen. In the case of a touch multifunctional machine, there are many factors that cause a black screen. For example, wires, driver cards, pressure strips, etc., if one of them has a problem, a black screen will appear. Therefore, this phenomenon cannot be blindly replaced by the user. Instead, check one by one to find out the cause of the failure. This can completely solve the black screen problem.

2. White screen problem:

However, if the touch screen all-in-one has a white screen failure, the LCD screen may be loose or inserted backwards. Since the LCD panel is composed of a panel and a backlight, the LCD panel can provide data images, and the backlight can provide a backlight (white screen when the backlight is good), so it is necessary to check whether the driver motherboard is damaged or loose. In addition, if it is inserted at both ends of the screen, a white screen may appear.

In addition, the switch that has no signal must be turned on. If this kind of problem occurs, first confirm whether the signal cable is plugged in and whether the connector is loose. If there is no problem, consider replacing the signal line. It must be restarted after replacing the signal line.

Another common mistake of the vertical wall-mounted LCD advertising machine is that it is not sensitive to touch. Because it can only perform touch compensation setting tasks. After recalibration, if contact dislocation continues to occur, you must contact the factory for necessary after-sales work. In addition, a good way to read Z is to repeat it. The average daily repetition can reduce the possibility of secondary damage caused by the user disassembling the machine.

The above types are only common touch failures during the use of vertical wall-mounted LCD advertising machines. For touch query all-in-one machines, they belong to electronic devices. Depending on the use environment, different problems may occur. However, most problems can be solved by the user. Moreover, some serious problems need to be solved by the manufacturer. In this way, users can better choose companies with after-sales guarantees when purchasing touch control machines, so as to ensure the normal use of the electrostatic touch all-in-one machine.

Post time: Jan-04-2022