Catering hanging network advertising machine case chain brand trend!

Catering hanging network advertising machine case chain brand trend!

The competition in the catering advertising industry is fierce. However, in the face of the constantly changing and improving new media application requirements of the catering media industry, the market has also put forward new requirements for the catering advertising machine. watching

In the field of media information, information customers and information media are trying to explore more emerging terminal network channels as information dissemination platforms. .

LED large screen

Just need to lead the trend

1. The catering advertising machine is generally placed in the chain store with a wall-mounted type and a hanging type at the cashier counter, by broadcasting some healthy food culture information. Provide customers with food nutrition matching, introduce new food and beverage guidance, let customers

Have a better dining experience when dining


2. Taking advantage of people’s dependence on video in the new era, playing real-time discount information is more attractive than the traditional paper promotion method (from the original manual manual replacement of memory cards to sitting in front of the computer through

The trend of Internet servers sending advertisements remotely)

3. The screen plays videos or exquisite flash animations that attract customers, instead of traditional leaflets, to stimulate customers’ desire for consumption, and to make the information that needs to be disseminated more comprehensive and specific.

The development trend of convenience

1. The needs of the industrialized and specialized market have been recognized, and the catering hanging advertising machine enables users to more intuitively guide customers to choose the channel of the catering package.

2. Media propaganda of service nature and public welfare nature is more professional and targeted

3. The demand gap for advertisements due to the development of the society and the chain restaurant market economy

The development trend of the whole platform

Anything that can appeal to many consumers at the same time through advertising expressions in public places or in the open air, can it achieve the promotion of goods? The purpose material can be called outdoor advertising media. The catering industry can naturally use this advertising platform to stand out from other restaurants. The unique advantages and characteristics can attract the attention of customers and have a better development trend in the future.

Post time: Sep-30-2022